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Is Facebook Advertising Actually Beneficial?

Whether we like it or not, Facebook has become a massive part of all of our lives, and if you’re running a business it is supremely important that you are advertising through facebook. Like most things,  you will get as much out of Facebook advertising as you put in; at least in terms of time […]

Adapting Social Media for the Christmas Period.

A quick 5 Step Guide on how retailers should handle their social media pages around the festive season. Everybody (excluding the grinch) loves Christmas. This fact alone makes for a brilliant opportunity to engage with your customers and as you may know, customer engagement is key. As for most retailers, this is also the busiest […]

Could ‘Facebook at Work’ make LinkedIn obsolete?

Facebook rumoured to compete with LinkedIn, Google & Microsoft by launching “Facebook at Work” That’s right; the top dog in social media plans to have a crack at tackling the professional users, possibly knocking the likes of LinkedIn, Microsoft Exchange and Google Drive off their pedestal. Whilst currently you would expect a slap on the […]

Battle of the Christmas Adverts on Social Media

John Lewis or Sainsburys? “Social Mention” Decides. You undoubtedly will have seen the plethora of Christmas adverts that have been plastered on your screens the past week, plus their social media push of course. Yep, it’s that time of year again. However, there were two adverts in particular that certainly caught the eye of us […]

Essential Tips on Social Media

As a fellow marketer, it is always a challenge in this new day and age with the rise of social media. According to studies, over 90% of businesses use social media. APAC accounts for almost 55% of the total world population and host under half the world’s Internet users while accounting for 52.2% of the […]