Archives for March 2015

Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring traffic and the behaviour of that traffic on your site. Best of all it’s completely free. However when you open up Google Analytics for the first time, it’s very easy to be intimidated by its vast array of menus, navigation, graphs, visualisations and language. Here I’ll offer […]

Social Proof in Marketing

What’s “Social Proof”? Have you ever walked past a nightclub with a line 50ft out the door and immediately thought “it must be brilliant in there”? That’s social proof. Or when a TV programme plays somewhat patronising canned laughter in order to help you recognise the comical moments from the serious. That’s social proof. Essentially, […]

Google implementing “Mobile Friendly” search rankings

It’s important to be mobile friendly. Google has began to recognise this as well; from April 21st they will be awarding mobile-friendly sites with a label. If your site has an error when being accessed from a mobile device it will be ranked lower down. Google says they are “expanding mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” […]

Ford opts for social-orientated marketing strategy

Ford is shifting from a marketing strategy that is primarily based on media relations to one fixated on storytelling. Mark Truby, vice president of European communications at Ford, told The Drum that rather than concentrate media spend on coverage in car magazines and on TV shows, social media now offers the brand a greater access […]