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A Guide to Facebook Engagement

There are two ways businesses need to use Facebook. The first involves a financial investment, and this really is crucial if you want your messages to reach a wider audience, resulting in leads and sales. The second way is to focus on your organic reach, working to increase engagement.  Engagement is essential if you’re spending time marketing […]

Sliders Have Had Their Day

 Sliders Are Not Cool Sliders, or carousels, have long lost their edge, yet many people are still requesting them to be added to their website or included in their new website design. They were pretty cool once; everyone was wowed by the fancy moving screens that would automatically rotate, offering up various messages without requiring […]

5 Simple Tips to Increase Leads from Your Website

You’re busy working on your blog. You take the time to come up with interesting, relevant and original content, yet for some reason you’re unable to hit your targets. It can be disheartening and stressful, especially when you’re spending a large proportion of your time on your blog when you could be using your expertise […]

How CIM Qualifications Improve Your Career Prospects

Are you looking at new ways to get the recognition you deserve at work? Perhaps you’re after a sought after promotion or interested in applying for a new role in your marketing career? Moving up the career ladder can be made a lot easier if you have the qualifications that prove you’re able to walk […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends during October 2015

Digital marketing is full of statistics and trends and it’s always worth keeping an eye on the pulse. Not only will trends help you to develop your campaigns but also guide you in the right direction, pointing out where you need to be focusing more or less effort. With that in mind we’re taking a […]

Should You Outsource Your Blog?

In 2014, the UK spent £6.65bn on outsourcing. Outsourcing continues to thrive, with businesses deciding to make use of outsourced expertise to assist them in their business, everything from HR to marketing is outsourced day in and day out.  If you’ve arrived on this page you’re probably at the point where you’re contemplating whether to […]

4 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

Facebook ad targeting brings many benefits to those who have taken the time to use it. Remarketing campaigns provide you with the opportunity to target people who are already interested in what you have on offer. These are the people who have visited your website so they’re already aware of you and your products or […]

Are You Failing to Execute These 2 Vital SEO Techniques?

Many businesses now understand what SEO (search engine optimisation) is and why it is important. However, many businesses struggle to create and maintain an effective SEO strategy. While they understand that they need to make their list of keywords and create pages on their website that are centred on those keywords, they fail to put […]

5 Reasons to Invest in PPC

Organic search is one method that is used to help websites gain traction in the search engine results pages. It’s a long term solution that results in a good ROI. It can be used on its own, but more and more businesses are choosing to combine organic SEO with paid search optimisation. As a result […]