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4 Ways to Create Successful Social Media Ads

Everyone is looking for ways to improve the success of their social media ads. Here are 4 ways to increase the number of leads from your ads using ad targeting. Use Keywords There’s little point spending time creating copy for your ads if you haven’t discovered what your target audience search for. It’s important to spend […]

Google’s Mobile Ads CTR On The Up

Google have been working very hard to monetise the mobile search engine in the last few months. The aim of the changes was to increase the number of ad clicks, and their efforts have been working. In a recent change, Google added an extra text ad to the top of mobile search engines, bringing the […]

6 Tips to Kick Start Your Google Adwords Account

Setting up a Google Adwords Account Before you start working on your Google Adwords campaigns you’re going to need a Google Adwords account. You might be tempted to dive right in and set up the account without really giving it much thought, but that’s a mistake.  Before you start we recommend that you work through […]

What’s happening in Digital Marketing this Month?

We’re over half way through November already, Christmas is coming, but there are a few important dates to get out of the way first – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday will get a lot of the attention but it’s Cyber Monday that will bring in the best results for retailers. Rakuten Marketing released […]

3 Content Marketing Tips for Mobile Audiences

Mobile phones are everywhere these days. We use these very smart gadgets to browse our social media networks, check emails, visit websites, read articles, books and magazine and buy goods and services online.  Our phones are in our hands as we queue in shops, wait for the children in the school playground, during our lunch […]

How Will Google Street View Virtual Tour Benefit Your Business?

Written by Jade Edwards, our Google Street View Partner In the blog post by Lynette earlier this month ‘Are You Failing to Execute These 2 Vital SEO Techniques?’ content marketing was identified as one of the most important aspects of SEO. Adding a “See Inside” Google Street View Virtual Tour of your business is one […]

What Does the Future Hold for Retail Customer Experience?

Retail stores have to create a customer experience within their retail stores. Without the positive experience, customers simply walk away and look for it elsewhere or they shop online for the same products. If customers don’t like a store there is no reason or drive for them to stay anymore, there are too many alternatives […]

Tommy’s Trip to Thailand with Hands

Our very own Tommy is preparing to head to Thailand in January, 2016. This won’t be his first time and it’s not for a holiday. In February this year; Tommy spent two weeks donating his time and energy to a worthy cause, Hands. Hands is a charity, devoted to serving deprived communities, providing protection to […]

Google De-Indexing Wix Websites – Is it Time to Upgrade?

Google is having a problem with websites that are powered by Wix. It appears that the Wix websites have been dropped out of the Google Index so those websites cannot be found in Google Search, something that can have devastating effects on businesses. Wix is an easy to use online tool that’s used to build […]