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5 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

Merry Christmas everyone! We appreciate you’re all probably still in the ‘holiday zone’ so we’re going to keep our post short and sweet today. Many business owners can’t help but think about their business even during the most important holidays. The mind keeps coming up with ideas on how to grow the business in the new […]

5 Content Marketing Tips for Maximum Exposure

The need to create quality and consistent content is now widely accepted with businesses but many miss a few tricks that help to get the maximum impact from the content they produce. Quantity isn’t where the focus needs to be, quality is the champion here. When quality content is pushed in the right direction the […]

3 Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

There are lots of mistakes being made on Facebook by businesses, both large and small. Today we’re going to focus on three of the most common mistakes that many businesses don’t consider as being wrong. Over Promoting Your Business or Products This is one of the mistakes that businesses seem to love to make. Despite […]

5 Essentials for Your Facebook Page

Facebook has over 1 billion active users worldwide.  At any second of the day, there are 20,000 people on Facebook and 79% of all users access Facebook using their mobile. That’s a crazy amount of people and businesses are all hoping to get some exposure to increase sales and awareness to help their brand grow […]

A/B Testing to Improve Add-to-Basket Levels

 It’s vital to update and test your website pages frequently on ecommerce sites in order to capture sales. Sure it takes time and a lot of tweaking, but the return can make a dramatic difference to sales so it’s an activity that is worthwhile. What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is basically having two different […]

The Customer Experience – Take Your Customers on a Journey

In Econsultancy’s Quarterly Digital Trend Report of 2015, customer experience, or CX, was the most popular method of differentiating a brand from competitors over the next 5 years. It’s obvious that the experience a customer has with your business will affect their choices and behaviours; it can make or break a sale and turn a […]

SMS Remarketing Now Available on Google AdWords

Google has been kind enough to give marketers a boost by introducing two new features to AdWords.  The first featured was specifically designed to give retailers a chance to capture more sales by adding holiday structured snippets to the ad-units. These ads appeared in search on November 20 and ran through until November 30. The […]