Archives for May 2016

Instagram Analytics Heading Your Way

Good news for anyone who uses Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Soon you’ll be able to learn a lot and use the information to your benefit thanks to the upcoming launch of detailed analytics. The data will share details on the followers, such as age, gender, geographic distribution and follower activity by the […]

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm is Here

The second version of Google’s mobile-friendly update has now been rolled out fully. We heard about the new boost to the algorithm back in March, which has now finished rolling out as of May 12, 2016. The mobile-friendly algorithm will increase the effect of the ranking signal. If you’ve been working on making your website […]

Retargeting the Most Valuable Audiences on Facebook

Facebook has made a change to its Website Custom Audiences targeting, allowing you the opportunity to find the most valuable audience by making use of the new options. Over the past couple of years, marketers have been able to target the people on Facebook who had previously visited their website and mobile apps. With the […]

SEO Mistake – Focusing Solely on Google

Many businesses approach SEO with only Google in mind. Instead of focusing on all the viable search engines, they stick to focusing all their energies on Google and limit their possible results in the process.  Traffic generation isn’t only found on Google but not everyone uses it and there are certainly benefits to expanding strategies […]

What You Need to Know About Facebook Branded Content

The Facebook Branded Content feature provides media outlets, influencers, and celebrities to tag content that includes brands, sponsors or a third party. It’s worth knowing about this feature if you’re a publisher or marketer because it will affect you. Branded content can only be used by celebrities, media outlets and influences that have verified pages. If […]

Influencer Marketing – Are You Doing It?

Influencer marketing has taken off, big time. All you need to do is look at the Google Trends Data to see how important it is for brands to begin using this type of marketing. This used to be the domain of PR, but now content marketers need to be using it in order to build […]

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts Fall Flat

Are you fed up of trying campaign after campaign only to fail? This isn’t uncommon in the world of digital marketing, but there are some common reasons behind these failures. You don’t have a plan You need a business plan that is well thought out. You can’t expect good results if you’re just winging it […]