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Are Links Still Important for SEO?

Many businesses believe that links are no longer an important ranking signal in Google’s algorithm. The marketing departments are busy working on social media marketing campaigns, content marketing and AdWords and no longer putting effort into link building. A new study has revealed that links are still important in SEO and building rank in the […]

What You Need to Know About Twitter Verified Account Applications

In the past, verification was given to public figures and brands that Twitter felt were worthy.  As of this week, it’s now possible for brands and public figures to apply for verification, something that could be of benefit for your business.  Twitter Verification lets users know that you are the real deal. Your audience knows they’re […]

How to Write for Scan Readers

How often do you take the time to read every single word in a blog post? Nielsen’s research say about 79% of people scan web pages, so you’re probably a scanner yourself. If not, you are one of the treasured readers bloggers love. Most people scan read, so it helps to make your blogs easy […]

Facebook’s News Feed Update – What You Need to Know

Facebook has made a few changes to the way the News Feed works. The aim of the update is to make sure the content being shown in user’s news feed is relevant to them. They are also hoping that the changes will help people understand how Facebook pick the content that is being shown. Here’s […]

Has Your New Website Design Damaged Your SEO?

A new website can give new life to your business.  You will need to put plenty of hours into the new design but all the hard work can quickly pay off. Unfortunately, a new website design can also have negative effects on your search results rankings if you forget to incorporate all of your SEO […]

10 Email Marketing Tips

Are your newsletters failing to garner the attention they deserve? How can you stop your emails getting ignored or deleted before they’re even opened? How about improving click through rates? Read through our 10 tips and put them into practice to improve both open and click-through rates. Make good use of the preview text. Create […]

Facebook Launches Creative Hub

If you’re using Facebook and/or Instagram to advertise you might want to sign up to join the waiting list for the new Creative Hub.  The new tool gives advertisers a new way of mocking up ads, to become more creative through inspiration and to share creative ideas.  When to mock up an ad, you’ll be […]

June Digital Marketing Stats – EU and Euro 2016 in the Spotlight

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go political in this post, but we have some interesting digital marketing stats regarding the EU referendum that we thought we would share. We’re also going to take a quick look at the current UEFA Euro 2016 brand sponsor winners in online search. The #EU ref data hub allows […]