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5 Emotional Marketing Techniques to Apply to Facebook Ads

Using emotional content in advertising campaigns is a technique that is used by marketers to increase the response rates. Case studies have shown emotional content performs roughly twice as well as rational content. Therefore it’s a technique that is worth experimenting with.  How can you create adverts that will cause Facebook users to react emotionally? […]

5 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook is a great place to market your business. It’s full of potential customers. The platform serves as a source of information for potential and current customers and it’s cost effective. Facebook remains the most popular network and it gives businesses excellent marketing opportunities. Here are 5 ways of how you can start taking advantage […]

What’s Happening in Digital Marketing?

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the most interesting digital marketing stats for the first half of March 2017. Kinetic Emails Proving to Be Popular Kinetic emails are ones that include interactive content. The Email Benchmark Report for Q$ 2016 by Experian has shown that those types of emails have higher levels of engagement […]

Simple Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, it’s a great idea to learn best practices rather than putting all your energy into hacks and tricks. Don’t get us wrong, hacks and tricks can be beneficial, but you need to apply them to email marketing campaigns with a solid foundation.  Before you begin experimenting check to see […]

Has a New Google Ranking Update Landed?

The SEO community is all a fluster right now as rumours of a new Google Ranking Update are flying around. These rumours appear to be accurate. Google tracking tools along with the SEO experts all seem to suggest that there was indeed a Google algorithm ranking update.  The indicators include large changes being witnessed in […]

Trusted Stores is Being Replaced by Google Customer Reviews

Google is closing down Trusted Stores and replacing it with a Google Customer Reviews. The brand new program will be managed directly from the Google Merchant Centre. News of the closure of Trusted Stores began rolling out at the start of the month. Merchants were informed by Google that the program will be winding down […]

Social Media Marketing – How to Use Video on Facebook

Businesses using social media marketing need to pay attention to the rise in popularity of videos.  Social media networks have added the ability to upload and share live videos on their platforms. One of the most powerful platforms is Facebook. A recent report found that users of Facebook are now watching around 100 million hours […]

3 On Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

On page SEO works to improve the rankings of pages on your website. Optimising the page for a keyword(s) is the priority but are you following the right action plan to make your efforts pay off? Today, we’re sharing a list of five commonly performed optimisation tasks that need to be forgotten. Putting All Your Energy […]

5 Quick Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is an area all businesses should invest time and energy. Even the smallest of businesses needs to be focused on growing their email list from the moment the website goes live. Your subscribers are your leads; they are your past and potential customers. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to sell, educate, build […]