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SEO: Smartphones and Tablets Now Attract 57% of Traffic

Mobile devices have been exceeding desktop searches globally for the past two years. It’s not new news and it shouldn’t come as a shock to any website owner. The number of mobile searches continues to grow but there hasn’t been an official update regarding numbers for quite some time. At a recent press event, a […]

Should You Switch Your HTTP site to HTTPS?

Forms on HTTP Pages to be Marked as Not Secure on Google Chrome Heads up, webmasters. It could very well be time to make that update and changing your website from HTTP over to https. Google has emailed webmasters to let them know that any pages that have forms or other types of input sections […]

How to Optimise SEO Strategies for Voice Search

Voice search continues to grow in popularity. Finally, technology has caught up and more and more of us are now using voice on our phones, computers and personal assistants.  What does this mean for search? Well, it’s definitely a challenge for many and it’s by far the biggest change that has ever affected the search […]

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

You have an Instagram account linked to your business page on Facebook. You have some great images at your disposal and some good ideas. What you don’t have is hordes of followers that interact with your posts, engaging with you and become loyal to your brand. These things take time, it’s not something you can […]

3 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats for August 2017

We just love a good stat or two, which is why we are sharing 3 fascinating digital marketing stats for this month. Let’s get stuck right in. Over Half of Monthly Active Brands Use Instagram Stories Instagram Stores have been around for a whole year! That sure went fast. Users of Instagram, influencers and brands […]

Content Marketing: 3 Ways to Recycle Your Content

This article isn’t about creating duplicate content. What we want to share with you today are three strategies you can use to boost your content marketing efforts using content that you already have. You have put time into the content, are you happy to let it just sit there unloved? You have shared it already, […]

5 SEO Errors Impacting Your Website

Are you ready to begin working on improving the search engine optimisation of your website? We have 10 things you can do today, that will improve the SEO without having to do anything new. Clearing out the old mistakes before adding in the new techniques will help deliver strong results. Here are the jobs you […]

Google Instant Search is Dead

Google has decided to do away with Google Instant Search. The reason for the culling is to make sure search is more compatible with mobile devices.  There’s not much time to dwell on the old feature, as the removal of Google Search came into effect as of July 26, 2017. Google Instant Search provided users […]