Archives for September 2017

5 Free Tools for Instagram

Looking to up your game on Instagram? Here are 5 free Instagram tools that will help you to manage your account more efficiently and improve the content you share. Schedule Your Posts with Hootsuite Instagram doesn’t allow for any third party to publish content on the app, but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule. You […]

3 E-Commerce SEO Errors to Avoid

E-commerce SEO is a complicated creature. There are many examples of e-commerce SEO done right but you can also find a lot of mistakes online when checking out your competitors. Unfortunately, even some of the largest and most successful e-commerce sites are doing things wrong. Luckily for them, they can make up for these errors […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Profiles

When was the last time you updated your social media profiles? Many businesses are still using profiles that they created when they first signed up to the platforms. Here are 5 tips that will smarten up your social media profiles in no time. Optimise the images. Make sure the profile and cover photo fall within […]

Google Launched AMP Based Featured Snippets on Mobile Search Results

Google has confirmed that the top of the Google mobile search results can now contain AMP links in the featured snippet section. In the same breath as confirming the change, Google also stated that AMP is not a search ranking factor. Additionally, Google also confirmed that they will also not show AMP results in the […]

Landing Pages Mobile Assessment Tool Launched by Google

Google has made it a lot easier for marketers to assess landing pages and their suitability for mobile.  The purpose of the tool is to help improve conversion rates and for marketers to easily decide which URL’s need to be optimised for mobile. Poor performing landing pages will have high bounce rates. Users will arrive […]

Social Media News: Facebook to Penalise Non Mobile-Friendly Sites

Facebook announced that they have made a few alterations to their news feed algorithm. One of the most notable tweaks made is that Facebook is soon going to penalise websites that are not mobile friendly.  They are really focusing on improving the experience for users of the social network, so sites that take too long […]

Virtual Assistant Devices Alexa and Cortana to Join Forces

There’s been an exciting announcement that will interest anyone paying attention the rise of the virtual assistant devices. Amazon and Microsoft are set to join forces, working together so each one is able to access the other. The move is not surprising considering that they are working towards making their tools more accessible by sharing […]

Landing Page Content That Cost You Sales

The content on your landing page plays a vital role in your inbound marketing strategy. The content on the page needs to grip the visitors’ attention and attract a sale all in a matter of seconds. The landing page is what can cost you a sale even when everything else you’ve done up to that […]

Copywriting for Mobile Devices

Designing a website to work on mobile is a must, but many businesses overlook copywriting for mobile. Reading on a mobile device is a lot different to reading on a desktop. The main reason for this is simply down to the smaller screen. People using their phones will need to do a lot of scrolling […]