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Are Nofollow Links Important for SEO?

If you work with influencers, you may have come across the term nofollow links. You should be well versed with the difference between nofollow and dofollow links, but in case you’re new to the area here’s a brief breakdown: Nofollow links – Links that have the HTML attribute rel=“nofollow” in the <a>tag. The attribute value […]

Taking Care of On Page SEO

Today, we’re sharing ways you can instantly improve your on-page SEO.  The processes involved in optimising your content is not the same as off-page SEO. Off page is all about the different signals and external links, on page compliments off-page efforts and should not be ignored. Here are 3 on-page SEO you need to take […]

5 Easy Content Marketing Metrics to Measure Success

How often are you checking the analytics? Metrics are useful as they help determine how effective your content is. The information can provide you with ideas on what content works and which to use more of verses the type of content that is falling flat with your audience. There’s plenty of other information to be […]

Digital Content Style Tips from Google

Google wants to provide the users of the search engine with high-quality content. A lot of what is considered to be high quality has been established through trial and error. Google has now decided to be helpful and provide their own style guides that will make it a lot easier to establish whether the content […]

Instagram Polls – Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are enjoyed by many users on the popular image and video-based social network. The recent introduction of Instagram Polls now gives marketers a new way of increasing engagement via Stories. The feedback received is direct and this gives you a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your audience and use it to improve […]

3 Tips for Keyword Research

Long tail keywords are currently king in the world of SEO.  Long tail keywords are a selection of a few words that are specific to the services or products you’re selling. A keyword or keywords are used by people who are using to find your website, via search engines or voice assistants. Discovering the right […]

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO content

One of the most constant SEO factors is content.  The content on your website is what results in customer engagement, their interactions, conversions and their general experience. There are still many websites out there that are thrown together. The content on the site isn’t optimised for the audience or search engines. It’s wasted content that […]

Apple Switches from Bing to Google Search

Apple has decided to use Google search results for Mac and iOS. The change comes after Apple have used Bing web search for several years. Apple confirmed the switch back to their original search results partner. From now on, all searches performed on iOS and Mac OS will point to Google over Bing. Expect Consistent […]

Twitter Tests 280 Character Tweets

Twitter has decided to test out the use of a 280-character allowance for Tweets, doubling the 140 characters users are familiar with. The change has been introduced to give users the chance to express more meaning and emotion into their tweets. The research was performed by Twitter that discovered that the limited character allowance was […]