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What is Google’s Question and Answer Feature on GMB?

Have you started using Google’s Question and Answer on your Google My Business listing? This new feature was launched in the summer of 2017, yet many businesses are failing to make use of it. As with many GMB features, there are advantages to be had by making full use of them. So what is the […]

Page Speed a Mobile Search Ranking Factor in 2018

Google announced details of the new ranking mobile search algorithm last week. The new algorithm has been nicknamed the ‘Speed Update’. Thankfully, the update won’t affect many queries, those affected will only include the pages that give users the slowest experience. Google Algorithm Update Arriving July 2018 The update isn’t expected until July 2018. There’s […]

Social Media Marketing: Is Facebook Still Worth the Investment?

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the news feed is changing dramatically in 2018. The overhaul is expected after Facebook coming under fire for spreading fake news and using the newsfeed to make profit for themselves. Zuckerberg said that the changes will see meaningful social interactions becoming the priority.  ‘Relevant content’ that has dominated in recent times […]

Interesting Digital Marketing Stats to Kick Off 2018

Let’s take a moment to look at 3 of the most interesting digital marketing stats that have been discovered at the start of 2018. Domain Level Link Authority The number 1 SEO ranking factor is domain level link authority. This information has come from Branded3, after updating the 2015 Ranking Factors study that reveals what […]

What’s Happening with Mobile SEO in 2018?

Many businesses are focusing a substantial proportion of their SEO efforts on mobile. Mobile SEO is no longer just a trend or something that needs to be worked into the rest of the SEO strategy, it’s at the forefront. 2017 saw many changes to mobile SEO and as the arrival of Google’s mobile-first index is […]

Predicted Ecommerce Trends in 2018

Econsultancy have shared their collection of expert reports on the ecommerce trends expected in 2018. Here are a few of the highlights. Increased Reliance on Smart Tech Hames Gurd, the owner of Digital Juggler doesn’t expect to see much of a change for the ecommerce customer experience, but he is expecting it to evolve into […]

5 Ways to Prevent Basket Abandonment

Online shoppers tend to abandon their baskets on a regular basis. Ecommerce retailers have a continuous battle to prevent the abandonment and encourage their shoppers to complete their order. Basket abandonment can happen throughout the entire journey, so how can you help to ensure the order is placed and the payment is received? Here are […]

3 Local SEO Tips for the New Year

Gaining the advantage over your competitors with local SEO can be tough. All businesses are using the same tactics, making it difficult for anyone to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, some local SEO tactics are less well-known as others. Here are a few uncommon local SEO tips that can give your business the extra […]