Archives for February 2018

Twitter Cracks Down on Bulk Tweeting and Duplicate Accounts

Twitter released an article on their developer blog announcing further details on the use of automation and multiple account usage. The aim of witter is to keep the social network free from spam and a safe space for the users. A frequent spam violation is the use of multiple accounts that are used to inflate […]

Connect with Your Audience with AMP Stories

Google has decided it wants a piece of the mobile stories action. Like Instagram and Snapchat, businesses can now create consumer engaging rich mobile content with AMP Stories.  The new featured was released by Google on February 13, 2018. Storytelling Marketing AMP Stories provides a new option for sharing stories on mobile and it also […]

Instagram Hashtag Tips for Businesses

Have you found it difficult to increase engagement and followers on Instagram. One of the easiest ways of licensing things up over on the social network is to make better use of these miracle keywords. Many businesses are failing to make the best use of the hashtag game so here are a few Instagram hashtag tips […]

Are Your Images Big Enough for AMP Articles?

Do you use AMP carousels to attract traffic to your website?  If so, there’s a chance that your images will need a little bit of work. Google has made an update to the article schema, which means that all the images used for AMP articles now need to be a minimum of 1,2000 pixels wide […]

Interesting Digital Marketing Stats for January 2018

What’s been happening in the world of digital marketing? Let’s take a look at some of the interesting stats shared by the experts over at Google Ads Dominating on Google Shopping Searchmetrics revealed that Google is still dominating Google Shopping with their own advertisements. This news comes on the heels of Google being accused […]

Tips on How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Are you finding it hard to gain followers on Instagram? You’re not alone. Instagram has altered the news feed algorithm and many users have seen a significant fall in reach, response and growth as a result. Never fear, it’s not all worthless. There are a few things for you to be getting on with that […]

Get Help with Google Featured Snippets

Google has provided a useful resource designed to help us mere mortals get to grips with featured snippets. The detailed information is easy to read and understand and is freely available via the Google Blog. The Google blog provides information that everyone will be able to comprehend. Google featured snippets are explained along with the […]

Optimising Snippets for Voice Search Results

How Optimised are Your Snippets?  A recent Voice Search Ranking Report revealed that 80% of the results provided by Google Home come from snippets. The report was carried out by ROAST, with the aim to understand the processes of Google Home and how it responds to the questions it is asked. Another reason for the […]