Archives for March 2018

How to Get Decent Reviews from Your Customers

Five-star reviews can really benefit your business. Consumers are using the Internet to research brands and businesses to ensure they are spending their money wisely. They care about other people’s experiences and want to receive top notch customer experience themselves. Reviews give an insight into the service provided. Consumers want to know if previous customers […]

Voice Search Optimisation – Keep it Simple

If you haven’t considered voice search yet it’s about time to get on board. Voice search continues to grow and businesses looking to stay on top need to be working voice search into their SEO. The problem is, Google currently isn’t quite sure on how optimising for voice search is going to work – or […]

12 Steps for Preparing for the GDPR

ICO has prepared a very useful document sharing the 12 steps to take to prepare for the GDPR. The GDPR arrives on May 25, 2018. It’s not long and there are many businesses that need to prepare to become compliant and avoid rather expensive fines. Today we’re sharing the 12 steps (you can read the […]

Worried about GDPR? This might calm your nerves.

If you keep an eye on the world of digital, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important acronyms of 2018 – it’s a massive overhaul of the way that companies are allowed to treat their data. According to this EU directive, which starts in May 2018, individuals will be given more […]

Are Broken Links Damaging Your SEO?

Today we are sharing 2 basic SEO tips that you can implement today. Both of tips are to do with links, both outbound and inbound and they will help to improve or complement your current SEO efforts. You may find you already know these tips, in which case you can use them as a reminder […]

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Services

When small businesses think of social media, many put their focus only on achieving a high level of followers. Numbers are great, but only if they have actual value. What small businesses need to think more of is improving their services by being where their customers are. Social media can become an asset to the […]

How to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog

Your business blog is full of excellent content, designed to satisfy the needs of your target audience, yet it’s failing to get the views. It happens to the best business blogs, it’s not just you. You’re posting consistent, original and valuable content so where’s the traffic? Good question. Getting traffic requires lots of SEO work […]

Email Marketing Copywriting Tips

Improve your email marketing campaigns with these simple copywriting tips. You don’t need to be a pro to grab the attention of your customers. The entire email should be scanner friendly. Eyes travel rapidly over information – create subheadings that will attract the attention of the eye and encourage the users to continue to absorb […]

Page Speed – Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calendar

Google has released Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator to highlight the importance of mobile page speed. The simple Mobile Scorecard tool shows webmasters how the website is performing compared to their competitors. The Impact Calculator is designed to show the impact that the loading speed times can have on the bottom line. Improving Mobile Experiences […]

3 Ways to Increase Customer Reviews Online

Online reviews are a powerful tool that businesses can use to encourage sales. Consumers love to read reviews and check that the experience they will receive is going to be a positive one. Online reviews are highly influential, but they can be difficult to gain. How can you encourage your customers to take the time […]