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Google Ads App Updates Incoming

Google is gearing up for Google Marketing Live, which takes place on May 14, 2019. Google Marketing Live is where they release details about their latest products, but a recent blog post has provided some insight into what we can expect to see at the event. One of the teasers is a Google Ads mobile app.

The world is mobile, users are getting used to being able to access information when they want it, whether on the train, at lunch or even during trips to the bathroom. Google has stated that they’re working on plenty of updates to the Google Ads mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.  As of this week, it will be possible to create and edit responsive search ads using the app, freeing you up from your desk. This is perfect for anyone who likes to break free from the office and work as and when inspiration, or the need, strikes. From the app, you’ll have the freedom to write all the creative content as well as setting budgets.

Upcoming Features to Google Ads App

Additional features include recommendations and notifications that will soon be activated on the app too. The recommendations will make it possible to add new or negative keywords, pause keywords that aren’t performing as hoped and opt into Smart Bidding strategies. The notifications will let you know if there is an opportunity for improvement across your accounts. These features are incoming with no actual date of release provided.

Local Campaigns

Local campaigns work to encourage foot traffic into shops. Shoppers often check online before entering stores, doing research on prices and competitors, trying to find what they need at the best price. Google aims to help you influence and provide help to customers before they enter your premises, as well as ensuring they know where you are and what they can expect to find.

Local campaigns optimise ads for those using Google Search, Maps, YouTube and other apps/websites within the ad network. You set a budget and the ads are automatically generated. Google will be expanding Local campaigns to allow for product information and promos to be shown to users and to support other business goals.

Expect more news from Google in the next week once Google Marketing Live starts. There will be plenty of new features that should benefit all marketers, some of which will take off, others may fail or never come to anything. Watch this space.