5 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook is a great place to market your business. It’s full Facebook for businessof potential customers. The platform serves as a source of information for potential and current customers and it’s cost effective.

Facebook remains the most popular network and it gives businesses excellent marketing opportunities. Here are 5 ways of how you can start taking advantage of Facebook to help your business grow.

Your Facebook Page

There needs to be enough information for people to contact you without having to leave Facebook.

  • Spend time filling out every section of your Facebook page
  • Don’t leave anything visible that isn’t filled in
  • Make sure your images are current and the correct size
  • All the information must also be up to date
  • Include information about employees and your business premises

Be Present on Facebook

There’s little point having an updated Facebook page if you’re not going to be there. Many users come to check the Facebook pages of businesses to ensure they are still trading. They also come to see if you’re responding to questions or sharing information or deals.  Post original content regularly but also share useful content that you know your audience will appreciate and enjoy. Stick to a publishing schedule but don’t be afraid to test the best times and days to publish content before committing.

Who’s Visiting Your Facebook Page?

Check over Facebook’s insight tools to discover more about the users that come to your Facebook page or interact with your content. Use that information to help you decide publishing times and the type of content you might want to create based on your audience.  You can also use Facebook to ask direct questions to learn even more about your customers and what they expect or want from your business.

Facebook Engagement

Pay attention to the types of posts that achieve the greatest level of engagement. The more engagement your posts get the better.  Take the time to respond to comments and don’t ignore negative comments (only okay when it’s an obvious troll). Try and turn unsatisfied customers into happy loyal customers by giving them excellent customer service. Direct them off the public page but make it very clear that you are attending to their needs for any future visitors to the page.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t like to show your posts to all of your fans once you have a few hundred under your belt. Facebook users need to react to your content in order to be more likely to see it in their feed. To increase the reach of your posts you will need to pay for advertising on Facebook.  Targeting specific demographics is easy on Facebook so you can get your content in front of the right audience.

Advertising and the cost of managing social media needs to be included in your SEO budget.  This is a long term commitment that involves creating and scheduling content that sits well with SEO. Speak to us about incorporating social media into your SEO strategy.