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What Colour is The Dress?

Okay, take a deep breath, if you (somehow) haven’t heard about this dress you’re probably sat reading this thinking either one of two things; “What a stupid question, it’s obviously blue and black” or “it’s white and gold, why?”. Now you’re thinking “why is this up for debate, I can see what colour it is!”. […]

Top 4 Digital Marketing Stats for the Week

Once again, here are your top 4 digital marketing stats for the week. Mobile Commerce is growing – a lot. Ispos and PayPal reports that mobile shopping is growing 4 times faster than general online spending. From 2013-2016, the UK average compound annual growth rate for mobile spend is projected at 36% vs. 10% for […]

Managing Social Media Accounts After Work Hours

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you want to do after a long day of work is get home and curl up in front of the tele and the last thing you want to do is more work. That’s the issue, using Social Media to promote your brand is hard work. What if […]

5 important stats from the world of Digital Marketing

The New England Patriots did not win the Super Bowl Budweiser did. Their ‘Lost Dog’ advert attracted over 2.1m shares, spanning across Facebook, Twitter and blogs which makes it this year’s most popular ad (Budweiser’s third year running) and the fourth most shared Super Bowl advert (or, commercial, for our transatlantic friends) of all time. […]

Email subject lines: the best words to boost open rates

Crafting good email subject lines that will appeal to a vast, unpredictable host of customers is inherently difficult. The difficulty is trying to find a system or style to use every time without getting repetitive. I can’t give you any magic lines to copy and paste because it has to be personal to your business, […]

Mcommerce is becoming increasingly popular at Christmas

Regardless of the economy, online shopping always has and always will boom at Christmas. Estimates say that online consumer spending hit about £21 billion between the start of November and end of December. That’s a recorded increase of 13% from 2013. It would be fair to say that the distribution of sales will have been […]