Email Marketing Management

Email campaigns have always been the most vital yet cost-effective method of reaching out directly to your customers.
We can take the hassle out your hands and manage your email communications from start to finish.

Campaign Management

We’ll plan out every step of your email marketing campaigns – from the planning stages through to delivery and evaluation. And you can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Mailing lists

We can work with any existing mailing lists you have, or work with you to create a list of contacts that will increase awareness of your company. 


We’re sticklers for detail and we have in place extensive testing procedures to make sure that your email marketing project will perform exactly as it’s supposed to.

Email marketing content

We can design your entire campaign from scratch with nothing but a few images and a target to aim for. Or, if you’ve already got your email marketing campaigns ready to go, we can just manage the campaign’s execution. It’s up to you.


We always use MailChimp, as it’s the most reliable, user-friendly and flexible product out there.  We’ll send your campaigns to as many people as you want, and we can do A/B testing and follow up emails.


ROI – it’s what we’re all after. We’ll be able to tell you exactly how your campaign has performed, whether it has met the objectives and what can be done to make it even better next time.

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