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Revamp Your Email Marketing for 2017

How hard have your newsletters worked for you over the last 11 months? Have your efforts been lacking? Email marketing is a powerful way of retaining customers, gaining new customers and attracting regular traffic to your website at the very least. Sadly, many businesses fail to even create email databases let alone send out compelling […]

3 Tips on How to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog

One of the most effective ways of getting visitors to your business blog is by using Google. Optimising your website for Google is a must. However, Google search shouldn’t be your only focus. One of the main reasons why it’s worth working on increasing traffic outside Google search is because of the Penguin 4.0 and […]

3 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Are you using Facebook for your business? Are you looking for new ideas on how to promote your products over the coming months? Today we are sharing three ideas on how to raise interest and promote your products on the most popular social platform. Live Demonstrations Customers love to see products in use, so why […]

5 Statistics to Monitor on Your Business Blog

The end of the year is coming. Now is a great time to take stock of your blogging over the past 12 months to discover how healthy it is and what areas could do with improving. Today we are sharing 5 important metrics for you to check over before you begin working on your business […]

10 Social Media Metrics for Facebook and Twitter – Part Two

Last Friday, we shared 5 social media metrics for Facebook and Twitter. Today we have five more that will help you to improve your social media marketing efforts. How many replies and/or comments are your posts achieving? Monitoring the replies and comments is an excellent way of learning more about what type of content your […]

10 Social Media Metrics for Facebook and Twitter – Part One

If you’re marketing on Facebook and Twitter you may be finding it difficult to know how you’re performing on those channels.  Today we’re sharing 5 tips on the social media metrics you can use to measure your impact on both of these social platforms. Your followers will give you a good insight into whether you’re […]

Google Starts Mobile First Indexing

Google has begun experimenting with using mobile content as their primary factor for ranking. This is big news, especially for those websites that are still lacking when it comes to producing mobile content.  What Google plan on doing is using mobile first indexing. This means they will no longer be using the desktop version for […]

How to Schedule Live Video on Your Facebook Page

One of the main problems brands have with Facebook’s live video is being unexpected. Your audience doesn’t know that you’re about to come online and therefore many miss out on the action. This can be extremely annoying for your Facebook fans, especially if the live video is to provide a unique opportunity to the audience.  […]