Archives for April 2017

Do You Need to Upgrade to an Instagram Business Profile?

Have you upgraded to an Instagram business profile yet? If not, we have a few reasons why you may want to stop procrastinating and take that step.  There are many features that will be useful to you and help you to make the most of your marketing efforts on the popular social network. Instagram Algorithm […]

Is Google Building its Own Ad Blocker?

Is Google about to launch their own inbuilt ad blocker on Chrome? That’s the big news according to multiple sources including the Wall Street Journal. There are even rumours that Google will be turning the ad-blocker on by default. The rumours have yet to be confirmed by Google. It does sound a little strange considering […]

5 Simple Mobile Search Marketing Tips

 Have You Focused on Mobile Search Marketing? In order to put your website in front of your audience, you need to optimise your marketing for the search engines. By doing so, your site will end up ranking for the right keywords and phrases that your audience is using.  It’s not rocket science but it’s not […]

YouTube Make Changes to Appease Advertisers

Changes Made to the YouTube Partner Program YouTube is trying to make positive changes to their YouTube Partner Program after advertisers pull their ads from the popular video sharing site.  Up until recently, anyone could join the Partner Program and monetise their videos. Creators were able to earn money from the ads that were run […]

Google’s Mobile First Index Not Launching Before 2018?

The first mobile first index Google tested was back in November 2016.  The experiment was the first step Google took to put mobile content ahead of desktop.  They were hoping that the experiment would run smoothly and the official launch would follow swiftly. We’re now in April and it seems that Google has been struggling […]

PPC – Google Improving Store Visits Data for Advertisers

Google has announced that they have tracked 4 billion visits to stores from online ads. This figure is an increase of 3 billion that was recorded less than 12 months ago. Google have been able to gather this information for advertisers thanks to machine learning powered modelling and improved measurement methods. Google are continuing their work […]

Twitter No Longer Counting @ Username in Permitted Characters

Towards the end of 2016, Twitter began testing the removal of @ replies from the character count. The tests must have been successful as they have just announced the new changes are about to roll out on mobile and the web. Twitter allows their users just 140 characters to get their messages across to their […]