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3 Inbound Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Failing to achieve the amount of traffic you want to your website? Never fear, there are three basic steps to take that will see numbers increase. These steps won’t give you instant results, but they will begin working and ensure visitor numbers continue to rise. Content Matters Content needs to appeal to your audience and […]

Search Ranking Algorithm Shake-Up

Google has confirmed their search ranking algorithm has been updated after webmasters and business owners began noticing altercations in a variety of different areas of search. The updates to the algorithm have affected rankings in the search engine result pages. The update was to release minor improvements and began rolling out in that last few […]

Questions to Ask Micro-Influencers Before Starting Your Marketing Campaign

There are plenty of brands that don’t have the budget to begin working with major influencers online. Some of the biggest influencers care hundreds of thousands to create a single Instagram, obviously not a viable option for small businesses. The good news is there are plenty of micro-influencers out there that are more affordable to […]

Google Increases the Length of Snippets in the SERPS

Google has decided that it’s about time that more space was provided to brands using snippets in the search engine results pages. The snippets are used to give information about what the page being linked to is all about. It’s very useful for the user as it helps them to work out if clicking on […]

SEO Trends in 2018 – A Few Predictions from the Experts

Econsultancy has published an excellent blog post about the SEO trends the experts are predicting for 2018. Let’s take a quick look at some of the juicy trends that you’ll want to be testing out for yourself and including in your digital marketing strategies for 2018. Voice Search is Getting Louder We’ve published several articles about […]

4 Ways to Prepare for Voice Search

You’re missing a trick if you’ve been putting off adjusting your SEO strategies for voice. Voice assistants and voice search continues to rise, and the technology improves constantly. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home. They’re happy to use Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby (to a lesser extent) on […]

3 Basic SEO Metrics

Failing to pay attention to SEO metrics is a big mistake. When working with a SEO provider you should expect frequent reports, but how do you know which metrics are of value to your future campaigns and overall SEO planning and budget? Here are 3 basic SEO metrics to pay attention when your reports come […]

Is Facebook Still Beneficial for Small Businesses?

  Facebook continues to play around with the news feed, leaving businesses confused as to whether they will be able to continue to use the platform. If the new changes come into play, users’ news feed will only include the posts from their friends and any paid advertising from pages. That means users, even the […]