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Are hashtags important?

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When done right, using hashtags in social media can be fundamental to generating exposure and audience engagement.

You can use hashtags as part of your social media marketing strategy, as it can help your content be more discover-able to users! But hashtags can be used in the wrong way, or even over used which will make your content look ‘spammy’.

When social media posts are full of hashtags it can make your post look like spam, this being said it is seen more acceptable to use lots of # on Instagram, but less acceptable on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s advised to only # words that are relate-able to your page/business so you’d only attract relevant people. However a word like #marketing will be included in lots of social media posts, so try to find #’s that are relevant but not so used, otherwise your post will be competing with lots of others and it will be like finding a needle in a haystack (your post won’t be so visible).

Keep an eye on hot topics and what’s trending on social media to see what you can get involved in, if you see a trend that relates to your business, include it in your post!

Our next tip is…Do your research! Don’t get attention for the wrong reasons using the wrong #’s. Try to avoid a # that is negative, political, religious etc. As this may divide your audience as they can be controversial. 

Hashtags can help build brand identity, people can use a # which may include your business name etc, or you could try to create a unique hashtag that no one else uses. So when people do use it, it’s directly linked to your company. 

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