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Instagram In Your Marketing Strategy

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As part of our social media blog series, this blog will be all about how to implement Instagram into your marketing strategy.

Determine your audience:

Before creating posts, it’s best to determine your target audience, from then you can create content that’s more likely to grab your target audience’s attention which should hopefully lead to more interaction with your posts. 

Another tip is to research topics that your target audience may be interested in, search for hashtags you can include in your posts, this will help your audience see your content.

Instagram is visual and so you have a great opportunity to be creative!

Look at your competitors:

Do be afraid to see what your competition is doing on Instagram, have a look at what search terms and hashtags they’re using. Another great tip is to look at their content and see which gets the most engagement,  and how often they post. Not enough content makes your Instagram look dull, and too much will make it annoying and you may lose followers.

Grow your following:

It’s crucial NOT to buy Instagram followers as tempting as it may be. Instagram often disables these ‘bot’ accounts after a while so you will lose those followers anyway, these fake followers won’t actually drive engagement which is what you want to ensure your content is being seen.

To start growing your following, you can follow accounts that you think may be interested in your business, these will be more likely to follow you back. In order to be found in the first place, make sure your name is recognisable and something that you know people will search for to find you. If you are on other social media accounts, consistency is key and having the same username will help show authenticity. 

Interact with your followers and their content to get the same back. This is a great way to draw attention to your account!

How to get customers:

Your followers are your potential customers, so you can create promotions, deals or discounts for new ‘customers’ to your followers, hopefully this should entice them to use your business. 

For a quick interaction, create a post and ask a question to your followers, this may get everyone talking to you, and you can respond to their comments.

There’s plenty more information and tips where they came from, if you’d like more help with any of your social media accounts, please get in touch.