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Keeping it Local in Worcester

I am back, I know I have been quiet (too quiet) but I  have managed to raise my head above the parapet once more. Sorry for the radio silence. It’s me, not you. I just wanted to try new things. Sorry, wrong letter, let’s get back on track……

In this lockdown 3.0 madness we have been busy beavering away, not building dams out of mud and sticks but trying some new things. On occasion we have had the requirement to transport some important, secure documents from A to B, quickly. Step forward our friends JGS Couriers Ltd , who are situated just a hop, skip and a jump away from us in Worcester, along the City Walls road.

I knew JGS Couriers could supply us with delivery services from the outset, what I didn’t know is that they supply an absolute belter of same day delivery service anywhere in the UK. They can pick up here in Worcester, offer a great service with excellent prices and have been trading since 1999, so these guys really know what they are doing. They have certainly saved our bacon a few times in the last few months, once I have JGS on the case, I know I can rest easy, knowing the time critical delivery is being handled by professionals. 

This is from their website  – If you need a secure, reliable, reputable same day delivery service from Worcester, then come and talk to us. Rest assured we operate in a covid secure environment and will provide a first class safe service for you from start to finish. Our drivers will of course observe social distancing rules and wear a facemask. Each driver will have their own personal PPE equipment and ensure that your goods are kept in a safe environment where possible.

You can call us on the ‘phone, no need to come to the office – where paperwork is required we will keep this to a minimum and never share a pen or a pencil with you. We are working as normal and helping keep the economy going with time critical and essential supplies being moved around the country in the pandemic.

All good stuff yeah? But why am I telling you this? Well, in these difficult times it has become apparent to me that we don’t shout loud enough about the great businesses we have right here in Worcester. I want to shout out to these guys and all the other local independent businesses that have been having a tough time but are continuing to knock it out of the park day after day. I for one, am proud to be working and living in Worcester and although things are a struggle at the moment for individuals and businesses alike, I know better times are around the corner.