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Working From Home | Top 10 Tips

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With the dreaded Coronavirus we may have no choice but to be working from home and we’ve got some top tips to help you do so.

  1. Maintain regular working hours – Try to keep the same working hours at home as you would have done at your workplace, this will help you stay in a routine and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Schedule breaks – Be sure to still take breaks, it’s suggested an hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks are all you need.
  3. Set timers – Set timers to make sure you start work/finish on time, and to remind you to take breaks.
  4. Don’t forget to leave the house – This may be easier said than done when avoiding the virus, but no one likes cabin fever! Even a quick walk around your garden to get some fresh air and sunlight will do your mind and body good. 
  5. Exercise – Exercise is great for boosting your productivity, which may be needed when working in a home environment.
  6. Dedicated office space – Try to keep an area of your house as your ‘office’ if you don’t already have an office room. It’s important to have a separate work space as this will help keep the barrier between work life and your personal life.
  7. Make ‘to do lists’ – Without a manager telling you what to do you may need help staying on track, you can simply write a list and prioritse the tasks, or use task manager software such as asana, where your colleagues will be able to see your tasks and set due dates etc. 
  8. Be strict with friends and family – Let them know that just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean they can bother you the whole time and cause distractions.
  9. Stay connected with colleagues – Do you work in a team? Then it’s best to keep in contact like you would in the office, using software such as Google Hangouts.
  10. Keep your phone on silent – In a more laid back environment, you may be tempted to go on your phone more, if your phone isn’t needed for work related tasks then keep it on silent.

We hope everyone stays cautious whilst the Coronavirus is affecting the UK, let’s try to think positive if we have to self-isolate and we hope these tips will help you when working from home!

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