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Would You Switch Your Search Engine to Bing?

Do you use Bing? I don’t. Whenever I need to reinstall Windows one of my first tasks is to download Chrome and set it as default making Google my default search engine. I’m not sure why I just prefer Google to Bing in a big way. I know I’m not alone, but apparently, Bing has been making a few changes and more people are using is as a result. So, what’s been going on?

Bing Grew 17% in the Last Year

Google dominates when it comes to search engines, achieving 86% of the US Market share. Bing is in second place with 7%. There’s such a massive difference between first and second, but that doesn’t mean Bing isn’t worth checking out. Bing increasing the options for businesses, offering increased visibility, as do the other search engines out there. Bing isn’t happy with the way it’s been going, so they’ve continued to make improvements to attract a wider audience, and it’s working.

  • Bing has improved the basic search function to make it easier to find results outside of the top results, providing options to the user
  • Bing rolled out the search entity API, offering rich contextual information to improve the user experience
  • Improving the knowledge graph, meaning it’s definitely time to create your Bing Places for Business profile
  • Improving the UI, focusing on visual content to make it more appealing and easier to navigate
  • The launch of visual search making it possible for users to search for things by taking a photo on their phone and using the Bing app

Searching with Images

This all sounds like positive stuff, and while I won’t be moving away from Google just yet, I am impressed with visual search and it’s something that I feel would benefit me as a consumer. Google does have Google Lens, but Apple users can’t access it. Bing visual search is open to all. If brands embrace the use of visuals in their marketing I do think this tool could be fantastic for everyone. Imagine seeing a product you like, taking a photo of it and being able to find all the information about it in a second, that’s interesting.