5 Ways to Prevent Basket Abandonment

basket abandonment

Online shoppers tend to abandon their baskets on a regular basis. Ecommerce retailers have a continuous battle to prevent the abandonment and encourage their shoppers to complete their order. Basket abandonment can happen throughout the entire journey, so how can you help to ensure the order is placed and the payment is received? Here are a few tips that should be of use.

Preventing Basket Abandonment Tips

  1. Keep everything as simple as possible for the shopper. Is there really any need to know their work phone number as well as their home phone and their mobile? Create forms that only require the essential pieces of information to ensure they can checkout quickly. You can always encourage them to complete their profile once the checkout has been completed. Offering an incentive for extra data is a great way to gain valuable marketing information.
  2. Provide shoppers with peace of mind. Have an SLL Certificate in place and provide plenty of information for the careful shoppers out there that want peace of mind when sharing information online. Provide a clear link to your policies and make the policies easy to understand. Add third-party seals, show your partnerships and provide links to your reviews and testimonials.
  3. Add links to your social networks. Many customers refuse to buy from websites that don’t share their social media links. Social media provides shoppers with a chance to see public feedback and the responses provided. Don’t hide yours away, share the links and be active on social media, responding to customers who take the time to reach out to you there.
  4. Give your shoppers plenty of choices when it comes to payment options. Not everyone likes to use PayPal, some people don’t want to type in their debit card details. Give options, make it easy to proceed.
  5. Share details regarding shipping costs and times. Many people will abandon the basket at the last step because the cost of delivery is too high, or it will take too long to arrive.

Share as much information as possible while allowing customers the chance to check out as quickly as possible, knowing their information is secure.