Landing Page Content That Cost You Sales

The content on your landing page plays a vital role in your inbound marketing strategy. The content on the page needs to grip the visitors’ attention and attract a sale all in a matter of seconds. The landing page is what can cost you a sale even when everything else you’ve done up to that point has been spot on. Today we’re going to share 4landing pages digital marketing tips on how to avoid creating content on your landing pages that will cost you the sale. While removing all of these features still won’t guarantee a sale, it will certainly ensure you’re not making these easy to fix errors.

Being Too Cocky

Being confident in your product is one thing, bragging and potentially making false promises is another. The visitor to your landing page is already interested in your product, now is the time to tell them (or show them with video marketing) how their life will be positively impacted if they buy. Keep your wording concise, it needs to be very easy to digest and understand. The last thing you want is to leave your visitor feeling confused at this stage.

Only Creating One Landing Page

You probably have visitors arriving on your website from a variety of sources, a few examples are:

  • Facebook Fans
  • Pay per click ads on Google
  • Instagram Bio
  • Twitter followers
  • Email marketing

Creating a one size fits all landing page will more than likely fail to please everyone. Create several pages and think about the journey each visitor makes to arrive at this point when designing the content for the page. For example, if someone reaches your website after Googling a popular keyword for your site you can probably safely assume that they don’t know much about you and they are researching the product. You can provide some context for this visitor by educating and offering further information in the form of a report or an eBook.

If the visitor arrives via a call to action from your latest email marketing campaign you can probably assume they are familiar with you and your product and they want to take advantage of the promotion. Provide some information on how they will benefit from this amazing promotion and make sure they can’t miss the incredible deal that attracted them to click.

Making Visitors Jump Through Hoops

  • Don’t make your visitors have to click through to multiple pages in order to find what they came for.
  • Don’t use slideshows or carousels, have everything there on the page.
  • Make all forms easy to fill in, asking for a name and email address is often enough to begin forming your relationship. You can delve deeper once you have earned their trust.

Boring CTAs

Try a little harder at making the calls to action clickable. Download or click here are a little drab don’t you think? Use words that give your visitor information on what to expect when they do click. A couple of great examples you can use are:

  • Read the Report
  • Sign Me Up!

Check your landing pages and evaluate all of the content. Think about what value each piece of content provides the page and how effective it is at converting. When redesigning your landing page content remember to:

  1. Avoid off-putting superlatives in your content. Keep it confident but concise.
  2. Create multiple landing pages for your different audiences.
  3. Make forms quick and easy to complete.
  4. Create clickable CTAs your visitors will understand.

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