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The Top 10 Most Common Uses of Digital Assistants

I don’t know about you but my digital assistant of choice, Alexa, is mainly used for setting timers, alarms, checking the weather and listening to music/podcasts. I would have thought this was what most people used their digital assistant for but apparently not. Microsoft has put together a list of the top 10 uses of smart speaker digital assistants, which are as follows:

  1. Searching for a fact
  2. Getting directions
  3. Looking up a business
  4. Researching services or products
  5. Making a shopping list
  6. Comparing services or products
  7. Adding items to a shopping basket
  8. Making a purchase
  9. Contacting customer services
  10. Giving feedback for a service or product

Out of that list, I have only looked up a few quick facts. Perhaps if I used Google Home, I would have asked a few more fact-based questions as sadly Alexa still seems a bit slow on that front. Digital assistants continue to be popular and Amazon dominates the smart speaker side of these useful gadgets. However, Google and Apple lead the market share, both tied on top place with 36% of the market share. Alexa is second with 25% and Cortona sits in third place with 19% market share, taking place mainly on desktop.

Smart Speaker use continues to grow, with many shoppers choosing Amazon Echo over Google Home. Smart speakers and digital assistants on smartphones continue to an area that businesses need to work on in order to make the most of this new method of search. Voice optimisation is the here and now and will become more significant in time. Walmart has already created a voice grocery shopping experience that has the potential to be a massive success and a game changer for consumers.

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