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3 Gamification Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing


After all the GDPR craziness you may be ready to relax a little when it comes to email marketing. However, with the recent changes, email marketing requires a lot more attention, especially after many customers used the new law to reduce the size of their inboxes. It’s more important than ever to make your email marketing campaigns pay off. Sure, you can entice your subscribers with the perfectly optimised subject lines and personalisation, but have you tried gamification yet?

Encourage New Subscribers

You may have lost a large number of subscribers but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them back. Expand your subscriber lists using gamification and encourage them to stay with interactive elements. Give your customers a simple task to opt into, offer some kind of reward for making a selection and filling in their email address and keep them by continuing to offer something in return for their loyalty.

Reward Loyalty

Use gamification to reward your most loyal customers. Give your subscribers a reason to check in to your website or make purchases with great deals that reward their loyalty. Select your prizes, which should increase with each loyalty band and ensure your customers feel valued. Send emails out to your customers, asking them to click through to receive their voucher – it’s a simple and effective way of attracting further sales and keep them coming back for more.

Make CTA the Main Focus of the Game

Email marketing is a great way of increasing clicks through to your website and converting clicks to sales, but it’s not easy. Use gamification to spice up your emails, making the clicking action the main part of the game. For example, let your subscribers know that they could win prizes by clicking your set CTA – it’s that simple. Choose a few carefully selected prizes, ranging in value, and consider ensuring that everyone is a winner for maximum results. The winning notification needs to include another CTA, encouraging instant action to claim rewards.

Have you thought about using gamification in your email marketing campaigns? Help encourage engagement, interaction and excitement with a bit of creativity and fun. Contact us if you would like help with your digital marketing in Worcester.