Apple Switches from Bing to Google Search

Apple switches to Google search

Apple has decided to use Google search results for Mac and iOS. The change comes after Apple have used Bing web search for several years. Apple confirmed the switch back to their original search results partner. From now on, all searches performed on iOS and Mac OS will point to Google over Bing.

Expect Consistent Search Results from Apple

Apple began using Bing after dropping Google in 2014. What isn’t clear is whether the new switch is a direct result of the deal between Apple and Google, worth an estimated $3 billion. Apple released a statement to TechCrunch stating that Google will be the search provider for Siri, Spotlight on Mack and iOS searches. The chance will make it possible for those services to provide consistent search results and experience with the Safari default. They said that they have a strong relationship with Microsoft and Google and they wish to deliver the best user experience possible.

The change began rolling out at 9am PT in the US on September 25 and then quickly rolled out to the rest of the world. Once users begin searching on iOS or Mac, the results will be encrypted on the side of the Mac or iOS devices, but Google will be able to track search behaviour.

When anyone asks Siri a question or uses their Apple device they will receive results from Google. Apple are now hoping for consistency across the board and an improved experience for all their users. It’s also positive news for those who focus their digital marketing efforts on Google. The search results provided by Siri include web links and videos. On Siri, web images will continue to be provided by Bing as they have strong image results. The video results will come from YouTube.

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