3 Content Marketing Tips for Mobile Audiences


Mobile phones are everywhere these days. We use these very smart gadgets to browse our social media networks, check emails, visit websites, read articles, books and magazine and buy goods and services online.  Our phones are in our hands as we queue in shops, wait for the children in the school playground, during our lunch breaks, even while catching up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

There’s no escaping the fact that phones are being used to read and absorb a wide variety of information and this is something that cannot be ignored when producing your content and your content marketing strategy.

The new mobile world will help you to produce stronger content, providing you pay attention to your audience and learn about their own reading habits. Visit your web analytic tool and use it to discover how your audience is digesting your content and what devices they are using.  It’s also important to analyse other details to see if you’re meeting the needs of the mobile audience. A clear indicator of mobile marketing failure is when visitors are arriving to your website on mobile devices but the bounce rate of these visitors is high. That means the mobile website is failing to give the visitors the experience they were expecting and something has to be done to keep their attention on the site and to give them a positive experience.

Writing Content for the Audience and Their Devices

One task is to write relevant content for your readers, but ensure the content is easily available and digestible on the right medium for your audience. Make the content suitable for the device to help reduce the bounce rate and encourage social shares and responses to calls to action. For example, those visiting your website on a mobile may prefer to read short amounts of content as opposed to 2000 word articles that require time and concentration to consume.

Make Your Content Shareable

If you’re able to have your content shared you’re half way through the battle of content marketing, as shares are free promotion from your audience and fans.  It’s vital that all content is really easy to share on social networks. If you don’t have social sharing buttons for your readers, or the buttons are too hidden or difficult to use, the content is not going to be shared and that’s not good news for you.  Increase the shareability of your content by starting your email campaigns with sharing CTAs; add the sharing icons to your home pages, landing pages and blog posts as well as on the images themselves.

Work on Your Headlines to Attract Attention

Eight out of ten people will read your headline but only two out of ten will go as far as to read your content.

Your title holds the power to make people click through, especially when they are using a mobile device. Mobile users are surrounded by distractions, they’re sometimes frustrated by the connection on their device, loading times, buffering, not to mention being pushed for time, so they have to be persuaded that your content is well worth clicking and reading. The only way you can do this is with a snappy headline that is short and irresistible. But do remember that the best headline won’t keep readers going through your content if the rest of the sentences suck.

Does your content work in the mobile world? Do you need help to rework your strategies or creating content for your audience? Get in touch with us, we’re here to help with your mobile marketing.