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Add Your YouTube Assets to RDA Campaigns

Google responsive display ads can now be enhanced with the addition of YouTube assets. What it means for advertisers is on top of using images, YouTube videos can now be applied, great news for advertisers that use video in their marketing campaigns. Advertisers will now be able to add up to 5 YouTube videos along with the headlines, descriptions, logos and the original 5 images.

The new video assets uploaded by advertisers will be delivered to Google users in multiple combinations. This is a great way of creating multiple ads as well as testing to see which combinations are most beneficial to enhance future campaigns. Want help with your Google RDA campaigns? Get in touch, we have multiple PPC services that will serve your needs.

Google Updates for Responsive Display Ads

In addition to the addition of YouTube assets, Google also announced two updates for RDAs, both designed to improve the reporting capabilities. The first update is the combinations report. This is great news for anyone looking to evaluate the success of the different campaigns in all their combinations. Previously it was difficult to make such evaluations as there were multiple dynamic combinations. With the new update, advertisers will be provided with additional insights into discovering the best performing combinations. To see the new report, you need to visit the combinations tab on the Google Ads interface.

The second update is the Ad strength score. The ad strength score has been available on the RSAs but now it is making its way to RDSs too. Progress reports are provided on the number of images and the quality, along with the headlines and descriptions. Google has also added next steps to share tips on improvements that could be made. Have fun, start testing and don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like help using our PPC and SEO services in Worcestershire.