Link Building Tips –Testimonials

link building testimonials Link building is an area that can cause problems for businesses. There are dodgy ‘experts’ who will offer to sell links. Buying links is not a good idea as those links can seriously screw up your ranking in Google. Other businesses feel they don’t have time to create the content needed for link building. Thankfully, there are ways of building links without risking being penalised.  You can also avoid creating significant amounts of new content too. One of those ways is the use of customer reviews and testimonials.

Use Your Relationships with Other Businesses

Using your existing relationships, it’s possible to build valuable links. These links are useful for you and for other people, they provide value for everyone.  As a result, you avoid creating spammy links of low quality.  It is important to only provide testimonials for services and products that you really appreciate and consider to be of high value to you. The testimonial should be genuine, no lies just for links.

Do the Prep Work

Think about the day to day running of your business and all the different tools, services and products you use. Make a note of each one that you’re happy to endorse. You can include everything from an important piece of equipment to the cleaning service you use, your marketing team and so on. Once you have the list, go and visit the websites and check to see which ones have link testimonials on their website. These are the ones you’re going to target.

Contact Before Writing the Testimonial

The next step is to get in touch with the company and tell them that you would like to send over a testimonial for their website to let their visitors know what a great service/product they provide.  In most cases, the business will be delighted to hear from you and be keen to add a positive testimonial to their website.  Write down a small quote and send it over with the link to your website and voila, done! All you need to do is wait for the business to update their website and you’ll have a link from a respected firm you endorse leading to your website.

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