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More than half of all web searches are now performed on some sort of mobile device – whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or even one of those fancy smart watches, people are expanding the ways in which they source information, this is why we offer Responsive Web Design.

If you see the internet as a valuable way to get new leads (which it is), and your website is only designed to work on a desktop computer or laptop, then you’ll soon find that your competitors are capturing much more of the market than you are.

Adaptive Website Design

The team here at Sharpmonkeys are experts in creating websites that work well across every device you can imagine. You might even be reading this on a phone, in which case – the proof is in the pudding.

Every time we build a website for our clients we test it thoroughly in every way we can think of, just in case one of your potential clients is looking for your products or services using a 1994 Palm Pilot.

Mobile E-Commerce Design

A huge amount of e-commerce is now performed on mobiles (it’s inevitably started to be called ‘m-commerce’). In fact, one of the main things that could be holding back your online store is that mobile users are having a tough time.

By adapting your website to a responsive design, you could see your conversion rates for mobile increase in a big way, which will in turn push your site up the search engine rankings.

How Responsive Web Design Helps SEO

Perhaps the most important reason to make the switch to a mobile-friendly site is that Google has started to ‘punish’ old-fashioned websites by preferring a mobile-friendly design in their search results. This is to acknowledge the huge amount of searches that are now being performed on mobile – Google wants its users to have a perfect experience while using their service, and if the website that the user is sent to doesn’t work on their device, it’s a bad time for them.

We can bring your website up to speed. Get in touch with us today. 

Case study

Little BigPaw

Little Bigpaw are a premium pet food company based in the West Midlands.
We redesigned their website to increase conversion rates - we did this by improving mobile usability and guiding the customer journey.

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