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SEO | What Does It Mean?

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Let’s go back to the basics, what does SEO mean? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s all about the quantity/quality of traffic that your website gets on search engines such as Google, these need to be ‘organic‘ results (Not paid for).

Quality: Sure everyone wants loads of visitors to their site but if the visitors aren’t relevant to your business, then you may as well not have any visitors. You want quality visitors and by this we mean if your business is a bakery, you don’t want Google telling people you’re a car parts dealership, as you will not be getting relevant (quality) site visits.

Quantity: When you have the relevant people clicking through to your site, once they have found you on a search engine, this is great because the more traffic you get the better.

The more optimised your website is, the more likely your ads will rank higher on search engines!

Two factors that contribute to good SEO?

Website: Your site needs to be ‘SEO friendly’, ask yourself questions such as ‘is your website easy to navigate through?’ ‘is your website clear and consistent?’  If you’re curious to see how your site ranks, get in touch and we can help!

Content: Content is key! It’s important to have content on your site that contains relevant keywords (Words that are strongly linked to your business) as search engines like Google, will think your site will be relevant to what the user is searching for, so will display your ad to them. 

Also, regular uploads such as blogs will help keep your site up to date which yet again, search engines love. Keep the blogs related to your industry and try include keywords where possible.

Algorithms are often changing for search engines, so we constantly stay up to date with tactics to keep up with these changes. If you’d like help with your Search Engine Optimisation please get in touch!