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Sharpmonkeys Top 10 Office Gifts 2019!

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Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas we thought we’d gather up some of our favourite gifts and gadgets for the office. They are ideal for secret Santas or for someone who works in an office. They are all under £20 which makes them perfect stocking fillers. All of them can be purchased off Firebox. 



Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy – Everyone knows the iconic Family Guy scene with this “wacky” guy in. These are the perfect size for someone’s desk and are also a great pop culture reference.



Retro Pocket Games Console – A tiny handheld Games Console loaded with over 150 games. This charming little device comes with quirky titles which you may have not seen before as well as some hidden little gems. 



World’s Smallest Voice Changer – For all the office comedians out there, we have found the world’s smallest voice changer. Ideal gift for all those Characters in the office who like to change their voice.



World’s Smallest Vacuum – For those readers who have messy desks or know somebody with a messy desk. What else needs to be said. Vacuum your desk!



World’s smallest Etch-a-sketch – For those artists who aren’t allowed to carry their full sized Etch-a-sketch to work. A classic piece of equipment for all types of artists which has been around for nearly 60 years and brings back nostalgic feeling to most of us. 



Rude Hand Gestures Book – This is that perfect gift for the person in the office who enjoys winding up other colleagues. It’s a book containing a whole range of rude hand gestures. Just don’t get caught by the boss!



Desktop Basketball – Bring out your inner Michael Jordan whilst at the office. Practise shooting hoops from all sorts of angles and perfect your 3 point shot whilst at work.



World’s Smallest Curling Set – Bring the Winter Olympics to your desk! We all know you’ve watched Curling on TV, well now get in some practise at work and become the next Kevin Martin. This set even includes two separate colour sets so you can take on a colleague at work.



Hammer King – This Fairground classic has had the honey I shrunk the kids treatment too. Try and impress that person in the office by showing off your strength with this Classic macho game.



Punch King – From a Fairground classic to an Arcade Classic. Challenge your co-workers too see who has the hardest “punch” (well more of a flick). The miniature version comes with cards with added challenges on incase you want to up the ante.


Of course, you may not want  to buy your work colleagues anything at all after the embarrassing office party! Who has photo evidence?


Here in the office we are susceptible to the odd box of chocolates or Yule Log!


P.s. We are not affiliated with Firebox.