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Client Highlight-FGI

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We’d love to introduce one of our clients FGI (First Grade International), they are suppliers to the food and beverage industry. In fact they are a leading supplier of high-quality food ingredients.

Sharpmonkeys have built a new website for the First Grade International that focuses on their core products and will be used to generate more B2B leads with companies in the UK and beyond.

You may already know one of FGI’s flagship products – Koko – which is a consumer brand that may be familiar from the supermarket shelf.

Heather from First Grade International is excited about the prospects of driving new B2B business online and she said that working with us has been ”collaborative, committed and enthusiastic.”

She also said ” It’s too early to say what difference  the site is having other than there are early signs are that it is having a positive impact on lead generation.”

They’ve kindly said that working with us has been ”collaborative, committed and enthusiastic.”

Few interesting facts on Coconuts and FGI’s coconut plantation:

  • ”Our coconuts are grown, farmed and produced sustainably”
  • ”Every part of the coconut is used after we harvest it”
  • ”Our plantation harvests around 1.4 million coconuts everyday”
  • ”We press our coconuts within hours of picking for quality and freshness”
  • ”Coconut water contains electrolytes which help with the hydration of the body. Coconut water was actually used in hospitals during WW2”


  • ”Coconuts contain almost every nutrient necessary for human survival”
  • ”Coconut water contains electrolytes which are known to help rehydrate and balance the body”
  • ”Coconuts are a source  of MCT fats (medium chain triglycerides). The majority of these are lauric acid which is efficiently metabolised into fuel for the body.”

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