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What is the Google Alerts Service?

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Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service created in 2003 to assist Google News. It sends an email to the user when it finds new results – such as webpages, articles, blogs or research. To put it in layman’s terms it’s software which can be set up to find content on a specific topic, for example: 

“New Nike release dates.” 


Once the software finds a new piece of content regarding the specified topic it will send you, as the user an email alerting you to this. 


What does this have to do with Marketing?

Utilising this software can be beneficial to your business and can help with your marketing. You are able to set alerts up for anything. The software can be used for competitor analysis, for example: You can set up alerts for your competitors names and you can analyse how often they post or update web pages and use this data to make adjustments to your schedule. Another way the software can be utilised is you can set up alerts for the industry you’re in, such as banking. This means the Google software will alert you everytime something big in your industry happens.


How to optimise your Google Alerts:

  • Find specific words/phrases by using quotation marks. This stops Google from finding permutations of words. Allowing you to tailor your results to exactly what you would like.
  • Set site specific search. This is used to notify you of new content of specific sites. Could be used for competitor analysis.
  • Set negative keywords. Placing a minus in front of a term will remove it from the results. For example your business name.


This software shouldn’t be disregarded it can be very useful and with such a quick and easy set up businesses should look to implement it at some point.


You can set your own alerts up here       (P.S. Did we mention its free? We love free!) 


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