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Why We Love Wordpress!

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Here at Sharpmonkeys we predominantly build websites using the Wordpress (WP) platform. We love WP and we think you will too. 

Here are our top 6 reasons why we love Wordpress.

  1. It’s free to use and therefore we can provide cost effective websites for you! There are two versions of the site, is better for beginners but it’s not ideal if your business will be selling online as  this is better for blogs etc. The other version is and this allows you to have more control on your site with products and eCommerce.

2. The software was originally developed to be a blogging platform, because of this it has an advantage for being one of the cleanest,fastest software solutions  to write and publish blog posts on your site this is great because regular blog posts will boost your SEO. This being said it is so versatile you can create and style of website from ECommerce sites, blogs, forums, business directories and more! The list is endless.The software accepts many forms of videos, images, audio and documents. 

3. So a theme on the software will serve as the sites foundation, but you should always be optimising and improving your site and this can be done using other themes and plugins. The best part is these themes and plugins are easy to install and use.

4.Your website should be easy to manage and this is a great benefit of using it, there are lots of easy to follow tutorials. It should be easy for you to navigate your way through but if ever you get stuck there is lots of help available and you should be able to update content on your website yourself.

5.Being a digital marketing agency, we love the fact that WP is known for having SEO built in to the software. It automatically generates tags and meta data for all posts and pages, and there are plugin tools to help tell you what needs to be improved with your SEO. With SEO, you need to make sure your site is mobile friendly as Google will rank sites lower if they are not mobile friendly/optimised. 

 6.With WP being very popular they have good security measures in place, their staff constantly update the CMS and the Plugins. But just to be safe it’s recommended to only download plugins when logged into WP, or make sure the plugins are from trusted sources.

So, in a nutshell, WP is cost effective, easy to update, secure, mobile friendly and SEO ready. If you would like to talk to us about developing a WP website for you, contact us today!