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3 Digital Marketing Stats for February

Why Consumers Follow Brands on Social Media

A recent report from Yes Marketing examined the reasons for consumers to follow brands on social media platforms. The survey consisted of 1000 people, so it’s a small study but the information received is still quite interesting. The main takeaway is the desire for brands to offer relevance and personality more on their social accounts and discounts and offers are also preferable. Here are some of the interesting figures:

  • 29% used social media to leave positive feedback with retailers
  • 20% left negative feedback
  • 36% were likely to share a post if they were given a discount for doing so
  • 35% would share a post if they agree with the message
  • 30% engage in funny or interesting posts

UK Online Retail Sees Growth in January

Online sales grew by 1.8% in January after a rather disappointing December. December saw the lowest number of online retail visits in 10 years with a decrease of 6%. Overall, the retail sales online grew by 2.2% giving a year on year increase of 1.8%.

Amazon Advertising Spend to Increase in 2019

Amazon is rapidly growing in advertising space. A survey from Nanigans showed that half of the 100 digital advertisers in large retail firms questioned were intending on increasing their Amazon advertising budgets in 2019. The average increase standing at 25%. 34% of the advertisers were intending on moving some of their Facebook and Instagram spending over to Amazon. 41% are going to create a new budget for Amazon ad spending.

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