3 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats for August 2017

digital marketing stats We just love a good stat or two, which is why we are sharing 3 fascinating digital marketing stats for this month. Let’s get stuck right in.

Over Half of Monthly Active Brands Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stores have been around for a whole year! That sure went fast. Users of Instagram, influencers and brands alike have all embraced stories. In fact, 52% of active businesses have create a story for their audiences in the past 28 days.  Stories now have around 250 million daily users. Perhaps not surprisingly it is teenagers who really love to watch, consuming four times more and creating six times more stories compared with those not in their teens. If you are a brand, especially one who wants to reach a wide teenage audience, Instagram Stories are a great way to go.

Young Customers Want More if They’re to Become Loyal

Ricoh UK has been investigating into the differences between the generations when it comes to customer service. Their research showed that:

  1. The over 55’s are less likely to stay loyal than those aged between 16 to 24. 62% of the over 55 will happily walk away from brands that use laborious sales procedures compared with only 43% of the younger age bracket.
  2. 43% of 16-24-year olds are most impressed by third party reviews and other recommendations. This compares to only 20% of people that are aged 55 and over.
  3. Younger customers want a lot more information before they’re prepared to make a purchase.
  4. 55% of all age ranges will abandon their purchase if the checkout process proves to be difficult.

UK Spending Increases with the Temperature

Do you remember the heatwave we had in June? That seems to have been the pinnacle for the 2017 summer as there seems to have been a lot of rain since. It seems that there were some definite winners in search when the temperatures soared. Fitbit searches increased by 200%. Fishing equipment also rocketed by 193%. Camping equipment was also in the search popularity books, increasing by the largest amount in the last nine years, an increase of 86%. Such a shame the summer doesn’t hang around.

The latest digital marketing stats certainly make for interesting reading. How will you use them to benefit your marketing campaigns?