5 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing in 2016


It’s the perfect time to evaluate last year’s performance with a marketing audit. The audit will allow you to see where you’re thriving and point out any areas of weakness. A brand new marketing plan can then be produced based on your findings plus the following 5 additions.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become more important than ever before as mobile searches have overtaken searches on desktops and all other devices. Over the Christmas period, 70% of Amazon customers shopped on mobile. How can you ignore that? Well, in all honesty, you really can’t. Google will penalise any website that isn’t optimised for mobile use simply because that’s what their users expect – mobile friendly websites. If your website doesn’t cut the mustard and work on a mobile then Google will push it down the search engine results pages, it’s as simple as that. It’s not only your website that needs to be mobile friendly, all of the content you create must also be optimised and it’s time to seriously consider mobile advertising too.

  1. Target Your Online Ads

Google Adwords, Facebook ads and most other advertising platforms now provide you with simple tools to help target your ideal customers with ease. Geo-marketing is ideal for all types of businesses, whether serving only local customers or seeking a more global customer base.  Gain the best response by creating geographical marketing campaigns and landing pages and increase your conversions with fine-tuned geo-precise marketing.

  1. Prioritise Customer Relations

If you want loyal customers you need to give them a service that makes them want to stay with you, it’s got to get personal. Social media, email marketing and creative marketing campaigns can help you to connect on a richer level but it’s important to remember you’re playing a long game and not just focusing on the here and now. Provide loyalty discounts, ask for and listen to feedback and respond accordingly and provide a buying experience that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

  1. Content marketing is Essential

Content marketing needs to be so much more than just a few blog posts being thrown up on your website. Think about how content can be used to drive and support your marketing campaigns on multiple channels while building relationships with customers and all while being mobile friendly too! Videos, graphics, infographics, podcasts, case studies, white papers and eBooks are all examples of content that can be created and used.

  1. Be Prepared for Change

Pay attention to you marketing campaigns and marketing efforts throughout the year ahead. Be prepared to tweak and change the plan in accordance to trends, updates, feedback and your own analytics. Test your plan in action and don’t be afraid to make changes where necessary. Marketing is always evolving.

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