5 Quick Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing tips

Email marketing is an area all businesses should invest time and energy. Even the smallest of businesses needs to be focused on growing their email list from the moment the website goes live. Your subscribers are your leads; they are your past and potential customers.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to sell, educate, build brand awareness and loyalty. It’s possible to create multiple lists of subscribers for targeted marketing opportunities. Email marketing is an affordable form of marketing but there are a few things to do before you begin sending out your newsletters.

5 Tips for Your Newsletter

  1. The subject line can entice your customer but it shouldn’t confuse or be unconnected from the content of the newsletter. People are now inundated with emails on their mobile phones and they don’t want to waste any more time than necessary reading content they’re not invested in. Tricking people and failing to deliver can quickly lead to people hitting the unsubscribe link.
  2. Add text and don’t use image only emails. Images can be placed in your newsletter but the newsletter itself should not be a single image. Images aren’t searchable and they often end up in Spam as they can be deemed as suspicious.
  3. Make it easy for your subscribers to contact you. Include links to your social networks and include your contact information within the email. Additionally, send the newsletter from a genuine email address that is monitored. If you have a no-reply email address it appears rude and unhelpful and these addresses are often picked up by spam filters.
  4. Check all the links to ensure they are working and sending the readers to the right destination.
  5. Don’t trap your subscribers. Make it easy for people to unsubscribe but avoid the one-click unsubscribe button. Most people now read their emails on their mobile phone and it’s all too easy to accidently unsubscribe with the slip of the thumb. A simple two click process can save people from accidently unsubscribing themselves.

Pay attention to the newsletters that arrive in your inbox. Which ones are you opening and reading? Why did you unsubscribe from the last newsletter? What types of links make you click through? What do you think is missing from the newsletters you read?