Revamp Your Email Marketing for 2017

Email marketing tips

How hard have your newsletters worked for you over the last 11 months? Have your efforts been lacking? Email marketing is a powerful way of retaining customers, gaining new customers and attracting regular traffic to your website at the very least.

Sadly, many businesses fail to even create email databases let alone send out compelling newsletters on a regular basis.   Today we’re going to look at how to evaluate your email marketing success. After you complete the review you’ll have the information you need to help you create more successful email marketing campaigns in 2017.

How Many People Open Your Emails?

Always check the open rates of your past campaigns and keep an eye on this statistic after each campaign you send.  Once you know the open rate you can see which email subject lines work the best for your customers and use this information moving forward.  Click rate is another important statistic that you can use to aid your marketing in a similar fashion.  Are your readers clicking through to your website? What call to actions are working well for you and which ones are falling flat?

When Are People Subscribing to Your Newsletters?

Look for the months when you had the highest numbers of subscribers and see what actions or campaigns you were running at that time. Do they subscribe more when you have a special offer on or is there content that you’re publishing that encourages visitors to hit that subscribe button? You should also consider how your visitors are subscribing – do they come from your social media channels or is it directly from your website. You can also use A/B testing to find out the most successful sign-up box and widget designs.

The un-subscribers should not be ignored either. Look for reasons why your readers decided to unsubscribe – is it because the content changed or perhaps you’re sending out too many newsletters each month?

The Most Popular Campaigns

Which campaigns were a hit over the year. Find out what the content was for these successful campaigns and examine which links were clicked. Try to gain an understanding of your audience through their behaviours during these timeframes and try to replicate it in the future.

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