5 Simple Tips to Increase Leads from Your Website


You’re busy working on your blog. You take the time to come up with interesting, relevant and original content, yet for some reason you’re unable to hit your targets. It can be disheartening and stressful, especially when you’re spending a large proportion of your time on your blog when you could be using your expertise elsewhere. We understand the problems, so we have five simple tips that will help you to make the most out of your content and generate more leads.

  1. Go through your old blog posts and check that the CTAs are still relevant. You might have new offers or more appropriate links that weren’t in place at the time of writing.  Replace any outdated CTAs to ensure they are up to date on each blog post to increase the click through rate.
  2. Fresh keyword check.  Spend time in Google Webmaster Tools examining the keywords that you’re being discovered by in the search engines. You can use an incognito browser to manually check the ranking of your blogs, it takes time but it’s a useful option that doesn’t require any tools of the trade. Make a list of those keywords and write down the blog posts that rank for each of the keywords, sorting by the number of monthly views. With this information you’ll be able to see the posts that have generated the most traffic and spend time optimising them and updating the CTAs and then work down the rest of your list.
  3. How many of your blog posts have been linked to from an external website? Posts that have external links are more powerful and they carry the most authority, boosting your rankings in the search engines. One method of achieving external links is to write guest posts on sites that have high traffic. Just don’t forget to add a link to the most significant and relevant page on your website into the guest post.
  4. Update your blog titles. Headlines play an important part in attracting clicks. Go through your content and rework the headlines, keeping in mind that the headline is often the only way you’re going to encourage visitors to read that piece of content. No pressure!
  5. Update your website. We hope that your website is already using a responsive design, making it usable on mobile devices. If it isn’t then this is something that needs changing as soon as possible, yesterday if possible! Learn why responsive websites are now essential here. If you have a responsive website or website that hasn’t been updated for a while we recommend giving it a bit of an overhaul. Perhaps it’s time for a new layout or font?

We appreciate these tasks take time but simple changes like these can have a dramatic impact on lead generation. If you need help with your blogging  and SEO, please get in touch today.