Should You Outsource Your Blog?

In 2014, the UK spent £6.65bn on outsourcing. Outsourcing continues to thrive, with businesses deciding to make use of outsourced expertise to assist them in their business, everything from HR to marketing is outsourced day in and day out.  If you’ve arrived on this page you’re probably at the point where you’re contemplating whether to outsource or hire a skilled individual in-house to help you manage your content marketing. As we offer content marketing, we thought we’d share some of the reasons why deciding to outsource your blog could be the right option for you.

Why Blog?

Blogging plays an important role in search engine optimisation. Businesses are able to use blogging for inbound marketing, lead generation, to boost customer acquisitions, generate a voice for the business, to strengthen branding and so on. Blogging is also an excellent source of content to be used on social media and is a form of marketing that can continue to attract traffic and sales months and even years after the posts have been published.

Why is Outsourcing Blogging so Popular?

In-house blogging can be achieved. It involves finding a qualified employee, giving them a wage, benefits, a workspace and access to the technology and resources they need to produce content for you.  Not all companies are able to provide all of this in-house and so they look for other options. Some small business owners will try and take on the blogging themselves or pass it over to another member of staff. Sadly, this often fails as time is always limited and not everyone has the skills or the desire to write a large amount of content on a regular basis.

What’s Holding You Back?

One of the major concerns about outsourcing the blog relates to the expertise of the writer. Will the writer know enough about the business? They don’t work in the industry so how will they write content that is targeted, precise and informative for our readers? How much content will I need creating? These questions are worth asking but let us give you an insight into how these concerns can be overcome.

  • Content creators create original content using information and goals provided by the client and their own research skills.  They are trained and experienced in writing and how to research.
  • The digital marketing plan is shared with the writer to ensure they are aware of the target audience, keywords and the campaign goals.
  • The content creator will have all the tools and technology they need to produce content for you. They will also be skilled in using content management systems and can take over the creation and the publication of the work, one less thing you have to worry about.
  • The amount of content can be quickly up-scaled or downscaled to respond to the seasonal or promotional needs of the business.

Our copywriter is responsible for creating blogs for multiple clients covering a variety of topics including parenting and playtime for Golden Bear Toys, beef and recipes for Hereford Beef and discussing logistics for Royale International Group.  Contact us to discuss content creation and blog management if you’re ready to save yourself some time and invest in outsourcing digital marketing for your business.