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Digital Marketing Stats for May 2018

GDPR and UK Consumers

40% of consumers in the UK are going to request personal information access within the first 6 months of GDPR becoming law on May 25 2018. Veritas released this information after conducting a study that involved 3000 people, 1000 of which were from the UK.

The survey showed that 56% of people were not comfortable with having their data sitting on systems that they don’t have control of. 56% of people also wanted to understand the type of data that was being held and stored by businesses. 47% of people stated that they plan on using their rights to ask for their personal data or choose to ask to have their data deleted if a breach of security takes place.

This study is a good reminder to make sure you are fully prepared for GDPR.

Should Your Landing Pages Be Product Pages?

Monetate research suggests that product pages don’t make great landing pages for visits. Analysis of almost 2 billion shopping sessions that took place in the first quarter of 2018 shows that 72% of people are likely to bounce straight back off when landing on a product page. These individuals are also half as likely you buy when landing on a product page and are likely to view 42% fewer pages compared with those who land on different pages. Product page landing page conversions stand at 1.5% whereas other landing pages convert at 2.9%.

Are you missing out on sales due to your chosen landing pages? Are your landing pages optimised and filled with content that your audience will want to see? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy and work on your content. Get in touch and we will help you improve your current digital marketing strategy.