Landing Pages Mobile Assessment Tool Launched by Google

AdWord landing pages tool

Google has made it a lot easier for marketers to assess landing pages and their suitability for mobile.  The purpose of the tool is to help improve conversion rates and for marketers to easily decide which URL’s need to be optimised for mobile.

Poor performing landing pages will have high bounce rates. Users will arrive on the landing page and leave quickly if the page isn’t optimised for mobile. Other common causes for bad landing pages include users being unable to find the information they were expecting, slow loading pages and poor user experiences.

The new landing pages tool will make it easier for advertisers and marketers to evaluate landing pages. With the new information, they will be able to make changes that will improve the performance of the page when it’s being accessed via a mobile device. Individual pages can be assessed, as opposed to the entire website. Keep an eye out for the tool that will be accessible via a tab in the new AdWords experience.

The tool has some excellent features that will come in handy. The report will show the most popular URLs on the site, the pages that achieve the most clicks and engagement. There will also be reports of the Mobile Friendly Click Rate or MFCR. The MFCR is the percentage of mobile clicks that arrive from smartphones that actually land on mobile-friendly pages. The data shown for this feature will only be available for search campaigns.

Try Out the New Landing Pages Tool

The new Landing Pages tool on AdWords is definitely one that we recommend you get to know and use. All marketers and advertisers will be able to spot all the URLs on the website that really need attention. The data that will be shown includes search, video campaigns and display.

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