Digital Marketing Stats for May 2019

A roundup of a few of the latest digital marketing stats worth your attention.

Increasing Conversions, Add to Baskets and Check Out Rates

The Ecommerce Quarterly Report from Monetate revealed that one way to improve conversions, abandonment and add to basket rates can be improved with personalised content. Not just one page, but three pages of personalised content. Monetate analysed a million global sessions of retail customers. They discovered that when consumers visited personalised content the improvements were as follows:

  • Doubled conversion rates from 1.7 to 3.4% when exposed to three pages of personalised content
  • 10 pages of personalised content resulted in cart abandonment dropping to 58.8%
  • 10 pages also saw conversion rates rise to 31.6% and add to basket rates grew to 65.2%

Increase Google Ranking and Mobile Speed Link

Searchmetrics conducted a study that found websites that ranked higher in Google had faster mobile page loading times and offered smoother experiences for users. The websites listed on Page one is delivering their content within 1.19 seconds on average. Websites on page two of Google to on average 1,29 seconds to load. Furthermore, 80% of websites on page one and two had a time to first bite of less than 0.6 seconds, the recommended time from Google for an acceptable experience for the user.

Almost Half of UK Consumers Want Changes to the Ad Industry

A survey of consumers in seven countries by Conversant found 48% of consumers in the UK don’t like seeing repeats of ads and therefore want the advertising industry to make changes.

29% of UK consumers dislike seeing bad advertising, resulting in poor judgment of the brands showing this content. Consumers don’t mind adverts but 44% wish to see fewer advertisements. They would also like to see relevant ads and ads that will be of use to them. Similar results were discovered in German in the US.

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